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Gold.raiditem✨Buy Revelation Online Imperial Coins ✨Guide To Level Up⭐
Last Post 11 Oct 2018 12:04 AM by pink coke. 0 Replies.
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11 Oct 2018 12:04 AM

    For those curious as to how leveling works in Revelation Online, here is a short beginner’s guide detailing the essentials you’ll need to know heading into the game. If you need to buy cheap Revelation Online Imperial Coins  Revelation Online Imperial Coins, gold.raiditem is the best choice for you.

    There are six types of quests in total in Revelation Online, with five being represented by the colors orange, yellow, purple, green and blue, plus main reputation quests and an alternative daily reputation quest in addition.

    Orange should be your priority, as this will bring you interactions with other character skill types, as well as help you gain further experience and much more.

    If you follow the yellow questline to level 20, you will discover more about the games combat system, as well as gliding and other mechanics to help you on your way. When you reach level 25, a couple of neat features will unlock, including the hot springs and the ability to gain experience from drinking wine, which is available for purchase from an NPC, or can be found dotted around in dungeons. Best place to buy Revelation Online Imperial Coins! is always an ideal place for you players!

    Level Jump mechanic can be used after completing certain tasks in the primary training window. This allows you to jump from level 49 to 55 after you earn 100 points, with each offering you 10 points at a time. This option will also be available for jumping from level 55 to 59 also, which will require a different set of tasks.

    From level 39, players will have to level up manually. You may want to stay at 39 for a while, as you might have heard whispers of what levels you should stop leveling up at even in these early stages. This is because Revelation Online adopts a bracket system for leveling, with the higher the level you reach the more difficult the content such as dungeons will become. 

    More guides and the latest news of Revelation Online you can check out on our site. Based on a professional team with over 10 years experience in game service, we always offer reliable products for our customers. Also, the cheapest Revelation Online Imperial Coins are provided here!


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