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By Michael Washington on 2/28/2012 8:28 AM


You may have the need to access your custom LightSwitch WCF RIA Services from outside of LightSwitch using OData. This article will show you how …


By Michael Washington on 2/20/2012 12:37 PM

NOTE: If you are using LightSwitch 2013 Update 2 (or higher) you must add compatibilityMode="Framework20SP1" to the "machineKey" in the LightSwitch Web.config (for example:

The is an...
By Michael Washington on 2/11/2012 2:33 PM

Visual Studio LightSwitch allows you to create Collection Control extensions. A Collection Control extension allows you to specify the control that will display a Entity collection in LightSwitch. At the time this article is written, there is no official documentation on creating Collection Control extensions. The only example of a Collection Control that Microsoft provides is the Many-To-Many control (see: Using The Many-To-Many Control).

By Michael Washington on 2/8/2012 10:44 PM

Visual Studio LightSwitch allows you to create Group extensions. A Group extension allows you to specify the layout of controls contained in the group.


By Kostas Christodoulou on Tuesday, February 7, 2012
In previous posts I made reference to views (DB or RIA) as an alternative (amongst other well-known potentials of views) to search and sort against fields that would normally be relations (lookups or however you want to call them).

From the very beginning I had an issue with SQL Server views imported to LS. LightSwitch had a very strange way to define the primary keys of the views. These “inferred” primary keys are most of the time very complex combined keys. And this is not an issue actually until you decide to add a relationship between this view (which 99% of the times has only one field as actual primary key) and another table. Then you realize this, otherwise benign, complex primary key is an issue (to say the least).

It was only recently, in this thread,...
By Michael Washington on 2/5/2012 1:35 PM


The LightSwitch Detail control extension is one of the most versatile of all the LightSwitch control extensions. When you are trying to create a reusable LightSwitch component, and other extension types are not working for you, you may find the Detail control extension will fit your needs…

By Michael Washington on 2/4/2012 10:48 AM


Visual Studio LightSwitch allows you to create Business Type extensions. A Business Typeenables you to present data in a way that is most appropriate for your application without changing the data type in which the data is stored in the underlying database”. In this article we will create a Business Type for a Customer Code. The underlying type will be a String, but the Business Type will be a custom type that requires the first character to not be a number and for it to be at least 10 characters long. It will also have its own custom control for display and editing…

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