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By Michael Washington on 4/12/2014 6:46 PM


Creating reports in the LightSwitch HTML Client using ActiveReports has been covered in the article: Creating A LightSwitch HTML Report Using ActiveReports (using Parameters and Intrinsic Data). That article shows how to use the Nuget packages to create the code for you. However, if you want more than one report you have to create the code to support the additional reports manually. This article will show the process…

By Michael Washington on 4/6/2014 2:05 PM


You can create fully integrated Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML reports using ComponentOne’s ActiveReports. The difference between this article and the ActiveReports solution covered in the article: Creating LightSwitch HTML Reports using ComponentOne Active Reports is the following:

  • The set-up is much easier because ComponentOne has created Nuget packages to perform the set-up for you.
  • This article will demonstrate creating reports with parameters
  • This article will use intrinsic data at report run-time. This means the report will consume and enforce any business rules and security you have built into your LightSwitch application.
By Michael Washington on 2/17/2014 9:24 AM

You can create fully integrated HTML reports using ComponentOne’s Active Reports. The difference between this and the LightSwitch HTML reporting solution covered in the article: Creating Reports in LightSwitch HTML Client is the following:

  • Active Reports has a HTML5 report viewer that fully integrates into the LightSwitch HTML page (the Microsoft report viewer is shown using dynamic injection of a object tag)
  • Active Reports allows you to preview the report while in design time mode (the Microsoft report requires you to run the entire application to see the report)
By Michael Washington on 1/5/2014 3:32 PM


You can embed reports into the pages of your Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML Client applications and allow your end users to print them and export them to PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel…

By Michael Washington on 6/9/2011 7:30 PM


There is no built-in reporting for LightSwitch. DevExpress provides a Free LightSwitch reporting control...

By Michael Washington on 5/12/2011 5:25 AM

With LightSwitch, there is no built in Printing. Here is a method that works. This will also show you how to create a custom template to allow you to print exactly what you want, not just the current screen...
By Michael Washington on 5/12/2011 4:19 AM

Printing in LightSwitch was previously covered here:

The disadvantages of that approach are:

You have to make a custom control / You have to be a programmer to make reports Printing in Silverlight renders images that are slightly fuzzy In this article, we will demonstrate creating and printing reports in LightSwitch using Microsoft Report Viewer Control.

Note, you will need Visual Studio Professional, or higher, to use the method described here.

Microsoft Visual Studio is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation / LightSwitch is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation