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By Michael Washington on 6/28/2013 5:27 AM
Yesterday Visual Studio LightSwitch was released in a preview of Visual Studio 2013.

You can get it here: You can read more about the new features here:

One new feature is described as: API support for refreshing data on lists and screens in the runtime app. That is the feature we will explore here.

The Sample Project We start with the application created in the tutorial: An End-To-End Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML5 Application.

When we open it up, it will be converted to the new Visual Studio 2013 format. However, to get it to run we have right-click on the first project…


By Michael Washington on 6/13/2013 8:22 PM


Visual Studio LightSwitch team member Huy Nguyen is a good person to follow on the Visual Studio LightSwitch forums. He typically provides well explained answers to difficult questions and usually provides code samples, and in some cases downloadable projects.

Previously, I created examples using techniques I learned from some of my favorite posts that he made. Those articles are:

  • Visual Studio LightSwitch Screen Navigation and Advanced JavaScript Examples
  • HUY Volume II - Visual Studio LightSwitch Advanced JavaScript Examples

In this article, I have created more examples from his latest articles…

By Michael Washington on 6/8/2013 6:46 AM


After using the Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML Client, you may wonder, how does it work? How does it turn the program we designed into an actual web application?…

By Michael Washington on 6/2/2013 3:14 PM


You can quickly and easily create PhoneGap Android and IOS applications from your Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML Client websites using VS Nomad from Redgate

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