By Michael Washington on 11/22/2018 3:08 PM


Radzen is an application builder that has been around for years. It allows developers to build Line Of Business applications much in the way Visual Studio LightSwitch does...

By Michael Washington on 6/4/2017 9:23 AM


Radzen has some additional features that bring it closer to the features that long time users of Visual Studio LightSwitch are used to. Namely, the page creation wizard, the ability to edit the source code using Visual Studio, and the ability to create custom components

By Michael Washington on 4/19/2017 5:10 AM


Over the years this site has been contacted by various companies that create tools for creating Line Of Business applications, in an attempt to reach the users of Visual Studio LightSwitch. The challenge given to all the companies is that they reproduce the example covered on this site for years, the An End-To-End Visual Studio LightSwitch 2013-2015 HTML5 Application

No one has risen to the challenge, until now…

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